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Digital for Rock Band 4.
Role: Director.
A game trailer for the pre-launch of the 4th generation of the successful Rock Band franchise. The trailer garnered millions of social media hits as the buzz spread after it launched at the E3 convention in June of 2015.

Rock Band 4 Trailer


Broadcast for BMW.
Role: Director.
Staying on BMW’s brand message across brand spots, product launch, feature driven messages and dealer spots was an awesome challenge.

30 second brand spot

30 second launch spot for the 3 series

20-10 dealer spot for the 5 series

20-10 dealer spot for the 3 series


Broadcast for the launch of two smartphones from Palm, the Pixie and the Pre.
Role: Director.
Palm was eager to show their audience their new OS and the challenge was to keep the interface up front and center the whole time. This was accomplished in different ways for each phone. The Pixie was shot in situation with hands interacting directly with the screen. The interface of the Pre was represented with a CG interface with the talent mimicking its functionality.

“Pass the Pixie” 30 second TV spot

Palm Pre “Shoes” 30 second TV spot

Palm Pre “New Digs” 30 second TV spot

Palm Pre “Flick” 30 second TV spot


Cross branded campaign for Dodge and Uconnect.
Role: Director.
Because the weight of this campaign was all about the functionality and features of the Uconnect it was a really interesting challenge to tell the stories with visual precision to not distract from the message but still keep them engaging and moving.

“Voice Power” 30 second spot

“Just 2 Words” 30 second spot

“Drawbridge” 30 second spot


Broadcast for Panasonic Cameras and TVs.
Role: Director.
This is technique driven work which needed to apply the same technique to tell a story across 2 very different products. Cameras and TVs. The solution. Simple.

Lumix 30 second spot

Viera 30 second spot


PSAs for Partnership For a Drug Free America.
Role: Director.
The premise of this campaign (beautifully written by Ari Merkin) is that while it’s great that we as parents have close and open relationships with our kids we have to step up and be the authoritative guides our kids need.

“Laundry” 30 second spot

“Couch” 30 second spot